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For business. For society. For environment.

AfB offers effective, efficient IT services predominantly in connection with recycled IT hardware. We create jobs for the disabled throughout Europe, while helping to save natural resources and combat climate change.

18.05.2012 - Vision Award 2012 conferred on Founder of AfB social & green IT

20120512 cvilak visionAward

Paul Cvilak, the Founder of AfB gGmbH “social & green IT” is the proud recipient of the Vision Award 2012 for his ecological and socially responsible business model in the IT sector: Social responsibility based on a solid economic foundation.

Berlin, May 18, 2012: The highlight of this year’s Vision Summit yesterday evening was the annual presentation of the Vision Award. This award honours outstanding international social innovation which provides answers to the urgent questions of our times. “Social innovators” are defined as people who have shown innovative spirit, entrepreneurship and perseverance in taking up key social and ecological challenges with the development of new and effective ideas. A particularly important aspect of this award is that the ideas must be capable of long-term independent financial sustainability. The AfB may be considered a prime example of successful social entrepreneurship.

03.05.2012 - AfB ist Hauptpreisträger beim Mittelstandsprogramm

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